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If you'd like to take part in Walking for Wellbeing, either as a walker or as a guide, use our application forms and tell us about yourself. Alternatively, get in touch and talk to us.

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Walking for Wellbeing is a non-profit charity and exists solely on donations.
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First steps

These are your first steps towards a more active life. Taking part in a walk is simple for most and the application process is entirely confidential. It's designed to give both us and you an indication of what we hope to achieve with our walk.

The application process is as follows:

The great outdoors

Once we've received your application, we'll get in touch to discuss your requirements and what we can do for you. If we agree to go ahead, we'll plan a walk local to you and contact you to arrange a mutually suitable date and time to meet.

Note: certain weather conditions may cause us to postpone a walk - if it were particularly cold, wet or windy, a walk may be rescheduled.

Walk day

On the day of your walk, we'll call you to confirm final details and arrange to meet. Then, your guide will come to meet you and take you to the start of the walk. You'll be briefed on the route and shown a map of where you'll be walking. We'll set times or places for rests and meals, then set off.

Walks are guided at a speed comfortable for you. If you feel you might like a gentle walk, that's the pace we'll go. If you want to get your heartrate up, we can do that too. A walk isn't necessarily about pushing yourself to be fitter, but about enjoying the outdoors at your own pace.

We'll take breaks to enjoy the scenery, catch our breath or investigate wildlife. You'll be offered to help with the navigation and encouraged to remember landmarks for use should you want to reuse the route.

Walks will generally be a minimum of three miles, which can take up to 90 minutes depending on pace, terrain and the route. Full-day walks of up to ten miles will be considered for those looking for a challenge. However, the last word on the distance and effort of the walk is yours.

Find out more

Take a moment to read how walking helps your body and mind - you may be surprised! Or if you're raring to go, get the ball rolling and apply for a walk or to be a guide.