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If you'd like to take part in Walking for Wellbeing, either as a walker or as a guide, use our application forms and tell us about yourself. Alternatively, get in touch and talk to us.

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Walking for Wellbeing is a non-profit charity and exists solely on donations.
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Here are a few pages, tools and downloads to help you make the most of your walking experiences. If you have any suggestions for additions or improvements to these services, please contact us.

Walking handbook

- first edition

This is a collection of guides for walking, listing helpful equipment, tips for improving your walking and planning a trip. If you'd like to contribute a guide, contact us and we'll discuss it.

Seasonal guides

Coming very soon! The time of year distinctly affects the outdoors and the conditions of walking. The different seasons change the spectacle of the countryside, what nature you might see and what you might need to pack to help you enjoy your walk. These guides are perfect companions for your seasonal experiences.

Progress logs

Coming soon! Keeping a log of your walks is brilliant for motivating yourself and reflecting on what you've achieved. Our online progress logs will help you track your progress and keep a tally of total miles and other goals.

Discussion group

Coming soon! Our message board will be the perfect forum to ask questions, provide feedback or discuss your walking with guides and walkers alike.