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If you'd like to take part in Walking for Wellbeing, either as a walker or as a guide, use our application forms and tell us about yourself. Alternatively, get in touch and talk to us.

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Walking for Wellbeing is a non-profit charity and exists solely on donations.
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Why we do it

The idea for Walking for Wellbeing was born at the start of 2008. Suffering from depression, founder Noel Wynder noticed walking in the great outdoors improved mood, energy, and general wellbeing. The main barrier to getting outdoors is usually motivation.

"Wouldn't it be great if someone would plan your walk for you, come and collect you, and guide you round?"

Walking for Wellbeing's mission is to inspire the motive to get outdoors and improve mood by visiting sufferers of depression and guiding them on a planned walk. Information will be given on the physical and mental benefits of walking, where to find good equipment, and how to find out about local walks.

The great outdoors

The countryside of Great Britain is a vast, beautiful, untapped resource. It offers stunning views, waterways, challenging hills and mountains, wonderful landmarks, valleys, moors and plains. Hundreds of thousands of Britons tread the extensive network of public footpaths between villages, towns and cities every year.

The great outdoors

Being active and outdoors has huge benefits for general wellbeing. The old adage that a healthy body promotes a healthy mind is a cliche, but it has a strong basis in truth. Being away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life gives you time to think and reflect, and the fantastic sights of the natural and animal world are inspiring.

We take great pleasure in organising and undertaking walks, and we hope to pass some of that pleasure on. We hope to inspire you to take your own walks and stay in touch to discuss your progress.

Find out more

Take a moment to read how walking helps your body and mind - you may be surprised! You can get an idea of what a walk consists of, or get the ball rolling and apply for a walk or to be a guide.